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Malcolm Carson: Poet


Publisher: Shoestring Press
Date: 2007
Price: £8.95
ISBN: 978 1 904886 53 2

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Take Five

with Ann Atkinson, Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, George Parfitt, Deborah Tyler-Bennett

Publisher: Shoestring Press
Date: 2003
Price: £5.00
ISBN: 1 899549 90 0

Rangi Changi

Publisher: Shoestring Press
Date: 2010
Price: £9.00
ISBN: 978 1 907356 18 6


“Musical, resigned, sensuous… So persuasive is Carson’s voice.”
Nigel Jarrett, Acumen

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Lines and Levels, ed. Barrie Wade, Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts, 1972.

To Build a Bridge, ed. Douglas Dunn, Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts, 1982.

Miracle and Clockwork, ed. Michael Standen, Other Poetry, 2005.

The Nottingham Collection, ed. John Lucas, Five Leaves Press, 2005.

Both Sides of Hadrian's Wall, ed. Robert Leach, Selkirk Lapwing Press, 2006.

Speaking English – poems for John Lucas, ed. Andy Croft, Five Leaves Press, 2007.

The Cockermouth Poets 1700-2012, ed. Michael Baron, Octogenary Press, 2012.

Cleethorpes Comes to Paris

Publisher: Shoestring Press
Date: 2014
Price: £5.00
ISBN: 978 1 907356 60 5

Cleethorpes Comes to Paris is a sequence of poems recounting and recalling the first trip to not just a foreign country but to a culture that held compelling images and philosophies for a generation. Two sample poems can be found in the Poems section.


“The poems record and recreate small vivid moments… carefully-crafted and well-observed poems.”
Thomas Ovans, London Grip

Skye Winter

Date: 2016
Price: £5.00

In December two years ago, I had a writing week at Stuart and Maggie Quigley's Art Cafe in Ellishadder, Skye. The result was a series of poems which appear in Route Choice, with illustrations by Stuart.

We have now produced a folding booklet with just the poems and illustrations. They are available as gifts in the their own right.

Copies are available from me at £5 including p&p. Please get in touch. A great gift!

Route Choice

Publisher: Shoestring Press
Date: 2016
Price: £10.00
ISBN: 978 1 910323 50 2

Review (extract):

Malcolm Carson neatly catches our attention in the first poem of his new collection Route Choice. ‘Bookmark’ is based on the rather familiar device of memory triggered by a rediscovered photograph. From a book that has long been

left quiet and unbothered, out slips
a photo of myself, my sister,
long since lost.

I like the passing thought that a book might be bothered by being taken down from a shelf; but more disturbing is the subtle suggestion that it might be the sister herself – rather than merely her picture – who is destined subsequently to be lost.

- London Grip (read the full review here)